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[NEWS] Nakamaru's Graduation

KAT-TUN Nakamaru Yuichi denies dating Katase Nana, "She is a dependable big sister" KAT-TUN's Nakamaru Yuichi (29) graduated from Waseda University's School of Human Sciences (e-course) on 26th March and attended the graduation ceremony on the campus wearing a haori hakama. When asked about the recent magazine report on his late night date with actress Katase Nana (31), he denied it completely, smiling, "I thought 'majissuka?' myself. We just happened to go for a meal. I feel apologetic towards Katase-san. We are not dating." He added, "To me, Katase-san is a dependable lady." He also revealed that he was asked by Nakayama Hideyuki, who works on the same news program 'Shuichi' with them, "Why did you not ask me along?", drawing laughter.

Looking back at his road to graduation, Nakamaru said with pride, "It was really tough. In the first year it seemed like I was getting mantra pelet ampuh discouraged, but since I've told fans, I felt that I had to see it through." He spoke about the difficulties of balancing work and studies, "I often brought my laptop to work and tried to study as much as I can in the morning while listening to the recorded lectures."

On the other hand, about his graduation, he said, "Although my parents were happy for me, I only received one mail from them. Last year when my sister graduated, they celebrated more for her...". When asked about what he wants to do next,he stated his next goal as as " Since I like to draw I want to do something that has to do with illustration." credits to: news article trans: mixed_strategy source: VIDEO
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